Monday, January 30, 2017

Hanging out in Quartzsite

We arrived in the Quartzsite area on January 16. We parked in the Plomosa road BLM area. We were amazed how many RV's there were parked out in the desert. Little did we know, that the number would increase steadily over the next few days. I think the number hit a peak the following weekend. We still had good spacing to the next rig, but there were large groups parked right next to each other all around us. There was the Montana owners group, the Outside the Bubble group and the Escapees Solo group to name just a few. Some of the groups had well over 100 rigs.

One cool thing is there are people out here that have some awesome hobbies. I am envious of the RC flyers and drone flyers. We also have ultra light flyers and a hot air balloon.

This guy landed right by us.

That is millions of dollars of Motor homes
We have stayed quite busy since we have been here. There are a number of projects that I wanted to accomplish while I was stationary for a few weeks. As I mentioned in my last post, we have a place to have packages sent, so I was ordering away. I had a few items on the truck to resolve and I needed to do some more work on the motorcycle. The good news is as of this writing, I have all but one of my projects completed.

Our good friends, Bob and Roxanne from Wisconsin came into town around the 21st. We really enjoyed seeing them again. We went to the big RV show together and were amazed by all of the strange things at the show. The funny thing is we both fell in love with the same trailer. The new Momentum by Grand A Designs is awesome and may be our next rig, in about 5 years.

Bob and Rox came over to our place for dinner one night and we went over to their place on Sunday to watch the NFL playoff games. They were of course rooting for the Green Bay Packers, but they sadly had a bad day. We still had an awesome day and a great meal.

We have been running our new solar system and it has been fantastic. We only ran the generator twice in two weeks. The only problem is we had one of our two inverters fail. I had been wanting to get a larger one that is a Pure Sine Inverter with a remote on/off switch, so that is what I ordered. We have decided to stick around the area for another week to wait for the arrival of that package. Come on Amazon, don't let me down.

I needed to refill my perscriptions and the closest Walgreens is in Lake Havasu about 70 miles away. We made the drive there and we are glad we did. The drive is mostly along the Colorado river that is heading down to the gulf of California from here. It is a beautiful oasis in the desert. This is also the home of the London Bridge.

The Colorado River on the way to Lake Havasu

The bridge was moved brick by brick from London. You can still see bullet holes from German strafing during WWII. 

After getting my motorcycle fixed, I went for a fun ride out in the desert. I was blasting along some two track and I am happy to report the DR is running better than ever. Here are a few shots of the awesome scenery.

Last Saturday, they had the 3rd annual Blogger Fest at La Posa South BLM area. We met a number of other bloggers. We really enjoyed meeting Jim and Barb of jimandbarbsrvadventure . I have been reading their blog for a while. They are also younger retired full timers. We got an invite for lunch today from them and had more time comparing notes and learning from them. We took some silly pictures in a large chair at the outdoor restaurant called Beer Belly's.

Today was moving day. We had stayed 14 days at the BLM area on Laposa road and that is the limit. I am not sure if they are enforcing the rule, but we decided we needed to dump tanks after 2 weeks anyway, so we took care of that at the Pit Stop in town. Then we went further out Laposa road and over near the little town of Bouse, Arizona. It is beautiful out here and very quiet. There are a few other rigs, but only about 10 in a very large area. We will hang out here and wait for that package. Camping for free in the desert is Awesome!


  1. Nice getting to meet you at Blogger-Fest and hopefully we'll get a chance to spend some time around the campfire hashing over things we are doing to our rigs. We had planned on staying in La Posa South until the middle of the month but we want to check Yuma and the Hot Springs out.
    Be Safe and Enjoy.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. It was nice to meet you also.

  2. We almost made the trek to bloggerfest but the 150 mile round trip seemed too daunting when the day came to actually go to it!

    1. Too bad, it would have been great to meet you guys.

  3. Looks like you've had a nice time in Q. Glad you got to meet Jim & Barb, they're great aren't they? I've not had the chance to meet Rick & Kathy yet. We also have not made it into Havasu either! Some day.

    1. Yep, fun times. I think I am becoming a Q liker.

  4. Great to finally meet you two, hope to catch up down the road somewhere! By the way, I got my package rerouted to Tucson!