Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Blackwater River State Park and Video Blog #1

On Thursday February 4, we arrived at Blackwater SP. We have been here before, but we did not have our boat and we really wanted to float this river.

February 4th is also my brother Brian's birthday. Happy Birthday Bro.

When we arrived, the ranger told us the river was in flood stage and it was still rising. We thought we would not get to float it while we were here. The good news is that after talking to the ranger again and telling him about our boat, he said we would be fine. Here is a shot of the river from one of the nice pavilions along the river:

A flooded Blackwater River
This boardwalk was partially under water.

I read and watch a number of other blogs. I have been interested in trying different types of media to make it easier for some people to check out my blog. Some people just don't like to read. I have decided to try a Video Blog entry. The link for my first one is below. Check it out and let me know what you think.

VBlog #1

I did this video in the woods along the river. I was out on a ride on the sand roads that surround the park. I shot this video with my GoPro camera during the ride.

Florida Sand Road Riding

I also did a video while were were floating the river. I was wearing my bicycle helmet with the GoPro mount on it. It was a fun paddle and other than one log jam was done with ease. Check out the video:

Blackwater River Paddle

The river trip was about 11 miles. We were on the river a little over 3 hours. I hope you enjoy the very quiet, relaxing trip.

Come back to see where we go after Blackwater. Hint: Beach!


  1. Nice video! That's a lot of work. I like the videos. I have a GoPro but I've yet to use it! When I do Flat Iron hike again later this month, I'm going to try to use it for some of the hike. I just don't like the idea of *wearing* it. What state are you in now?

  2. Thanks Debbie.
    We are moving down Florida to Orlando. We are on St. George Island tonight.