Saturday, February 13, 2016

St. George Island State Park

We left Blackwater SP on February 8. We love Blackwater! The sites are awesome. (Maybe the best we have ever stayed in.) Excellent hook ups, great spacing and green space in between and they are huge. The river is cool and the hiking and biking is excellent. All of the things we like in a park. All this and reasonable at $24 per night with all taxes and fees.

We were looking for our next destination and we liked St. George Island SP down on an island in the gulf. It was pretty full, but they had an opening in one site that we could fit in. The opening was for Monday through Thursday nights. We decided to go for it.

The web site says no rigs over 36 feet. I don't understand that. The sites are very large and we fit easily with room to spare.

Plenty of room in this site.
Nice park with plenty of spacing between sites. 
St. George Island is connected to the mainland via a bridge from Eastpoint, Florida. Eastpoint is just to the east of Apalachicola. When we arrived the wind was blowing about 30 MPH out of the north. That was a tail wind for most of the drive, but going across the bridge was a bit scary. We don't like to travel in wind, but because we had reservations we were forced into moving on this day. We made the decision that on the trip back to Missouri, we would get back to traveling without reservations. We are also discussing a change in plans. We will see if that happens.

The best thing about this park is the beach! We love the beach, so even though it was cold and windy, we went to the beach. It is about a 15 minute walk from the campground. We walked for almost 4 miles.

Kim walking along the beach trying to stay warm.

Day use area

The beach is beautiful and pristine. There is no development on this end of the island except the few SP bathrooms and shelters. The sand is pure white and not a single piece of trash in sight. Lots of nice shells also.

That is a fin shell.
The wind was brutal, but we still enjoyed our walk. I think we saw one other couple on the beach.

Even the seagulls were struggling with the wind.
On the walk back to the campsite, we saw some Blue Herons. Just as I snapped the picture two took to flight.

Blue Herons is Flight
It was Fat Tuesday, so Kim decided to make King Cakes. All I can tell you is someone ate them. They were sooo good!

That was the first two days of adventure while we were on St. George Island. The next days, the weather got better and we did some more fun stuff. We also made some new friends. Come back and I will tell you the rest of the story of our wonderful stay at St. George Island.


  1. I was planning to stay at St. George,,,, but I may be "beached" out by then. Be safe, have fun.

  2. Lots to do at St. George Island beside the beach. It is just beautiful. I hope you decide to go.