Tuesday, February 16, 2016

St. George Island SP part 2

I last left our adventure at St. George Island SP. The second day we were there the wind diminished significantly. It was a bit cool, but a light jacket was all that was needed to be comfortable.

I had seen a nature trail on the map of the campground. Little did I know, it is a very long trail. As I was leaving the campground, I noticed another Titanium trailer in a spot a few away from us. I noted the license plates were from Massachusetts. I walked out to the bay and said hi to a nice couple that was walking their dog. I noted a Massachusetts accent in their voices, but wasn't sure if they were the ones in the Ti. I went on with my walk. I ended up walking down through the center of the island by some small lakes and swamps. There were a few birds, but not as many as I had expected. The trial led to the beach. I then took a walk on the beach back to the campground. The walk was a bit over 4 miles.

Here is a shot of the bay side of the island. The water was still pretty rough.
I like the roots of these trees. 
The inland area was a mix of low plants and tall pine trees. 
The trail was a mix of sand and boardwalks.
It was a beautiful day on the beach. I looked at many cool shells, but resisted keeping any. One of the great things about living in a trailer is you don't have room for souvenirs. With all of the memorable places we have been, we would need to hitch up another trailer to carry all of the souvenirs if we kept them. We only keep the really special things we find. (unless they are beads)

Peaceful beach on a calm day
There were a number of cool sponges on the beach. 

When I got back to the campground, I went by the Titanium trailer and the folks were sitting outside enjoying the beautiful day. Joe and Cindy are from Mass. and really cool people. Cindy retired in the past year. Joe has been enjoying his retirement for a number of years. We had a fun discussion about our trailers and Joe told me about a number of modifications he has made to his. Over the next two days we took tours of each others trailers and we really enjoyed meeting them. Here is a shot of Joe and Cindy, we really hope to cross paths again.

Joe and Cindy and their Titanium
Joe gave me a great tip on a seafood sales trailer up the island. I went there and bought more shrimp and a nice Tuna Steak. We had that for dinner. It was pretty good.

The next day was February 11. We decided to get in the truck and make a drive back across the bridge into Apalachicola. It is a cool little town with a rich history. The Apalachicola river hits the gulf at this point and creates one of the most pristine marine environments left in the world. We toured around town and then went to the visitors center and enjoyed the exhibits.

Nice boats in the Marina in Apalachicola
Old Kiln at the waters edge
Alligator at the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve Visitor Center
Lighthouse on St. George Island
Wow, this is becoming a really long post. I think I will end it there and finish in the coming days. We did one more fun thing prior to leaving this awesome place. Come back to see the end of the visit.

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