Monday, February 29, 2016

Orlando, Florida Part 3

I have not written in a few days. I have not been inspired to write because it feels like we are not doing as much new stuff  as usual. Is that really true? Not really, I guess it is just we have settled into a routine.

We have now been in Orlando for two weeks. It certainly has been a different experience living in this environment. In some ways it is more relaxing than living on the road or at the ranch. We don't feel like we have work to do, like when we are at the ranch or have much of the things we need to do when we are traveling. We don't need to spend time planning our next move and the apprehension that goes with that. In some ways it is more relaxing and in some ways it is not as much fun. Are we bored? Certainly not.

We have no issue just taking a day off and reading and taking a bike ride or going for a swim in the pool. It has been a nice couple of weeks after the fast paced (for us) travel over the previous month and a half. This week things will change. Shannon and Amelia will be here on Wednesday and the rest of the family will be here next weekend.

This past week we went to Universal Studios twice more. That is a total of 4 times so far. We rode some fun rides including this roller coaster, The Dragon Challenge, that goes inverted three times.

The Dragon Challenge
This park is so large, that we still have not done everything in the park. After the Dragon Challenge, we were ready for something slower, so we did the merry go round. Kim loves merry go rounds and this one had a Dr. Seuss theme. Called Caro-Seuss-el, it was pretty fun.

Kim in her element
We have seen a bunch of the shows, but we still have many more to see. It is really a fun park and I am glad we did this.

On Sunday, February 28, we went back to port Canaveral to pick up Mark and his friends at the conclusion of their cruise. We got up very early. We left the rig at 7AM to head over to have breakfast with Bill and Lisa before they left town. Travel safe guys and we hope to see you down the road.

We met up with Mark and his friends. They had a blast on their cruise. I forgot to get a better picture of them. Darn. It was great seeing him and meeting his friends. He has decided to stay in St. Louis for a while for those family members that know what that means.

On our way to Cape Canaveral we saw a bunch of Hot Air balloons flying around on this cool, still morning. I guess there are advantages to getting up early.

We have been thinking about a class A motor home and found this perfect unit:

Actually, this is just a prop that is at Universal. It is part of the Simpson's exhibit.

We love our rig and have no plans to do anything different any time soon. I did take a picture of a couple of Prevost H3's parked here in our park. That is close to $5M sitting there. They are beautiful.

Most of the sites in this park are occupied by a totally different type of rig. They use an old RV as a base and then just start adding. Many have been here for many years, but have current license plates. I think that is a law or something.

The one thing about this park that we have noticed is that it is not like a typical State Park. The people are very friendly. Everyone waves or says hi, but no attempts to make friends. They have thier friends and I think we are just seen as short timers. It is a different experience, but that is what we love about our travels. In just two more weeks we will leave this place and wake up to a totally different environment. Diversity is awesome.

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