Friday, October 21, 2016

On the Road Again

Yesterday, October 20, we left the ranch and headed south. Yep, that means this blog is up to date...for now. I am going to try to keep it more current because it makes it easier for people to follow us and arrange a meet up if wanted. I can tell you that if you want to know where we are today, you can go to and create a profile. Then send us a friend request. I do keep that location updated. If you are not familiar with rvillage, it is kind of like facebook for RVers. We have found it very helpful to meet up with other full timers. I also like the map that I have posted on the bottom of this blog. It is amazing how many places we have been in just short of 3 years.

We had a great time in Missouri, but we were very busy. We had some great times with our family and friends while we were there. We miss everyone when we are gone, but most people can only stand us in small doses. So, this lifestyle is perfect.

We decided that we would have to leave before Amelia's 1st birthday on the 23rd, so we decided to buy some cupcakes and go over for a pre-Birthday party. We just had to see the cake in the face and hair. The other kids had fun watching also. Shannon posted some great shots on Facebook. I will post a few of mine on here.

She is very intently watching what Mom is doing with the cupcake and candle.

Amelia is just so photogenic.

Where did my cupcake go?
The last day we were at the ranch we had a storm rolling in. I love to be out on the property on a nice fall day watching the storm roll in. You can see a few trail markings left over from the events last month. The trails are now covered in leaves.

The blue markings are for an ATV loop that is about 10 miles long and is a nice tour of the property. We do not allow 2 track vehicles on our single track. Yeah, we are kind of fanatic about that.

Kim and I were doing last minute things and I noticed this bright green thing on ground. Turns out it is a caterpillar. Very strange looking thing.

Kim's shoe is for size reference. 
We made the 200+ mile drive down into Arkansas. We have not seen Michael and Audrey and the boys in about 3 months. That is why we are now near Russellville, Arkansas. We were not able to stay in our normal place because of a bass fishing tournament this weekend. Once again we got a blessing in disguise. This park is so much better than our normal place. I will write all about it in coming days. Be ready for some updated pictures of Con ad Cam. They are growing so fast!

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