Friday, August 14, 2015

Wine Festival and Kayaking the Yakama River Canyon


On Saturday, August 8, my Mother, Father, Aunt, wife and I went to the Prosser Wine and Food Festival. I will have to say that the emphasis at this show was on the wine. Many of the wineries from the Yakama Valley, the Horse Heavan Hills and around the state were represented. Some of the wine was pretty good and some not as good. I decided to focus on the red wines and enjoyed the process of determining which type and maker I liked the best.



We all enjoyed the day and after a nice sunset we called it an evening.


I really enjoyed that view over the Yakama river. Thanks again Dad for buying the tickets and inviting us to attend with you.

On Sunday, August 9, we all got up and went to church. We then went back to the RV park and got ready to move on. We really enjoyed our time in the Prosser area and it is something I will remember for a long time. Thanks to my Mom and Dad and Aunt for making it such a memorable time.

We made a drive of about 80 miles to the Big Pines Campground in the Yakama River Canyon. It was a bit hot, but the river looked inviting. We saw a large number of people just floating down the river on anything that would float. No paddling was required because the river was moving fairly quickly. We got set up and headed upstream to put  the boat in the water. We wanted to take advantage of my parents coming out to our site for dinner to go and get the truck.

The scenery in the canyon was dry but beautiful.




We saw a deer by the side of the river. There was a train going by, but that did not bother the deer. It was the only wildlife we saw other than birds.


We floated a little over 2 hours to get back to our camp. It was a fun float and gave us more confidence in the Sea Eagle.

When my Mother and Father and Aunt came out Kim and I fixed dinner. We had planned to cook outside, but there was a burn ban and we did not have electricity to use our electric grill. The result was that the trailer got too hot, but we all endured the heat and then took a walk to the river to cool off.

Here are a few shots of our campground. It is a COE park with no hook ups and is $15 per night. Not bad, but we picked a bad time to be here with the heat. It did cool off at night and we slept fine with our fantastic fan on. Site #9 is huge.



We decided to move on the next day. That is very strange for us, but we wanted to join Mom and Dad in the Seattle area. We got up and drove the 140 miles over Snoqualmie Pass and stopped at Kansaskat State Park near Enumclaw. Crossing the Cascades is easy this time of year with only about 3000 feet of climb. The scenery is nice. Kim took a few shots as we drove.



It is a nice State Park and we were hoping to fit in with no reservations. It worked out other than the fact we had to move after the first night. We only stayed there 2 nights.

The Green River runs through the state park. It has a nice swimming area. A few kids were braving the cool water.



You may ask, why did they go to Enumclaw? Well, we had plans the next day to go to Mt. Rainer National Park. Enumclaw is kind of the Gateway to the NP.  My next entry will be some of the most beautiful mountain pictures I have ever taken. You have to come back to see those.

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