Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cortez, Colorado to Moab, Utah

On Easter Sunday, April 5, we decided to move from Cortez to Moab, Utah. We are really excited about exploring Utah. We decided to move on Sunday because it was the best day in a string of bad wind days. It was still windy, but the wind was coming out of the south at about 15 MPH, gusting to 25. At least that is a tail wind.

I was getting ready to go and this big black raven was chattering at me and seemed to be upset we were leaving.

As I mentioned in previous posts, the La Mesa RV park is not a typical park for us. I will say that we enjoyed our stay and you could not find a more convenient location to see the attractions in the Cortez area. It is a great stopping point to get some life with modern conveniences like Cable TV, and full hook ups. I spent a few minutes talking to one of the owners, Shiree who happens to ride off road motorcycles. We talked about riding in the area and I learned a bunch of places that I would like to ride some day. She is only about 5 feet tall and has issues with modern bikes. I told her to go see my new friend Doug in Farmington. He is also vertically challenged and is an expert in setting up bikes for shorter riders. 

I took the time while we were staying at La Mesa to install my new brake line on my motorcycle. We got that done and did a short check out ride. We are ready to take on Moab!

We decided to go to church for Easter in Monticello, UT at noon. We got up and got hooked up and made the 60 mile drive into Utah. I have been on a few business trips to Utah including the last one I did before retiring, but this is the first time I have been to this awesome state to have fun. Monticello sits at the base of a mountain that had some snow on it. Here is the view from the park we left the rig in while we went to church.

We then made the 50 mile drive to just outside of Moab. We did not have reservations and we knew that Moab can be very full this time of year, so we were concerned that we may not be able to find a good place to camp. I had two campgrounds that looked good. The first was Ken's Lake. The good news is they had space available and the views are awesome. We paid for 4 nights. We will probably stay here for a week or so. We are just a few miles to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. The riding and hiking is great right out of the campground. We do not have hookups, there is not water in the campground, but they do have pit toilets. I got my solar panel set up and we are ready to live off of the grid for a while. We do have cell signal, but no OTA TV at all. 

You know that Kim is all about the view, so here is her view out the big picture window:

The other side is just as nice. The rocks surrounding us are huge. 

The spacing between sites is as large as we have seen. This place is just awesome. We love it. Who needs modern conveniences?

Here was our first sunset at this campground. 

Then on Monday, we decided to take a short walk, that turned into a long walk, to check out our surroundings. Here is a waterfall we can see from our site:

The red rocks are amazing:

We decided to walk to the waterfall. It was only a mile hike, but it was fairly steep in places and had some deep sand. It is beautiful:

There we some young kids there that we trying to get brave enough to get under the waterfall. We never saw them get in. I would bet they did. 

The wind has not let up the past few days. We can get out, but you have to hang on to your hat. We will not let that stop us, but we are looking forward to the forecast for no wind later in the week. 

We are very comfortable in the trailer and the solar is working great. See, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a solar system to be able to get off of the grid and be comfortable. I spent a total of $275. We have not had to run the generator once to recharge batteries. 

One final sunset shot taken right out the other side window. 

Enjoy life, the times when you have the money, time and your health are rare. 

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