Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ken’s Lake Campground


Normally, I do not write about normal everyday life on the road, so my blog will skip days. It seems while we have been in Moab, we have done something interesting just about every day. We got really lucky with Ken’s Lake campground. Although we don’t have electricity, the solar is doing great. I have had to run the generator a couple of times, but that is it. The views are amazing and I can ride right out of the campground, so on Friday, April 10 I decided to go for a ride. I started by riding to the top of the ridge behind the campground. Nice view:


Our trailer is the white one in the center. Beautiful valley!

I started by riding in a canyon behind the ridge, but I kept running into dead ends.


The dead ends were beautiful. but frustrating. I took a few pictures to capture how scenic this area is:




The Utah rocks are just amazing. I never get tired of looking at them.

Enough picture taking. I then went off and found some fun trails on the other side of the campground. I rode hard for about an hour and got a good workout. Just another fun day at Moab. Tomorrow is a trip to Island in the Sky, the second part of Canyonlands NP. I will give you a hint, it was jaw dropping amazing. I will write that one up as soon as I can.

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