Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy 80th Birthday Mom

Kim and I are very lucky people. We both have both of our parents still alive. The reality of that fact is that we have parents that are getting up there in years. The fun part of that is getting together to celebrate milestones in their lives. When we left Missouri, we had a timeline because of my mother's 80th birthday on December 29. My brothers and I had planned to celebrate this milestone with a night on the town.

The only bad thing about the night was that my youngest brother, Bob could not attend. We did have Alan and Denise, Brian and Julie and Kim and myself. We started the evening with an early dinner at the clubhouse at the community that my brother Alan lives in. We had a nice dinner, but Mom and Dad had no idea what we had planned for the rest of the evening.

Yep, that is me wearing a tie. There is only one person in the world would wear a tie for. Alan's oldest daughter, Erin and son Colby joined us for dinner. 

Just my three brothers and my Mom and Dad. 
When we arrived back at my brothers house, the limo was waiting for us. My Mom was giddy with excitement.

We all fit, but it was a bit tight. 
We headed out to Irving. We went to see The Manhiem Steamroller Show.

It was a very good show. I really like to listen and watch live music. I think the night was a success. Mom and Dad enjoyed the show and we enjoyed the time together. A special thanks to Alan for doing all of the planning and Denise for most of the pictures in this post.

We did get in a few more visits while we were in the DFW area with both my brothers and with Kim's parents. Phase one of this trip was complete.

We left the Benbrook park on January 3. We had to wait until after noon to leave to let our rig thaw a bit. We were not able to dump the galley, but we got the grey water in the front tank dumped. We moved about 90 miles south to Oak Park on Navarro Mills lake. We were able to get the back tank dumped when we arrived. It was 50 degrees. That was the first time we had seen above freezing temps in 4 days. We have really enjoyed our time at Oak Park. I will write all about that in my next entry.


  1. What a wonderful surprise and family visit!

  2. I give your mom credit, our nights out on the town usually end before the sun sets!

    1. So true with us normally also, but Mom and Dad did great and had a blast.