Friday, January 12, 2018

Time to Relax – Oak Park, Navarro Mills Lake

Many people think that “Relaxing" is what we do all of time. That, for the most part is true, but we have been very busy since we left the ranch. It was a fun busy visiting with family, but we were ready for some down time. We love to find a quiet, empty park in a natural setting and do very little. Kim likes to read and I do a lot of blog stuff and go for hikes. This time, I have an added thing to enjoy. Our son Mark has allowed me to use his Nikon D3400 DSLR camera with two lenses on this trip. He traded with me for the GoPro that he bought for me. This has given me a much better camera to shoot wildlife and other natural features.

This guy even posed for me
We arrived to Oak Park on Navarro Mills lake mid afternoon after a 90 mile drive. We were just looking for a COE park that was not too far and looked like would be empty this time of year. We were greeted by very friendly camp hosts that have been full timing for a long time. I think there were 4 sites occupied when we arrived. We drove the loop and Kim chose site 48. It had the best views of the lake out our back window.

Our view behind the rig
I was ready to walk all over the area taking pictures. The variety of birds was excellent. I had fun with the zoom lens.


Cedar Waxwings
Mallard Duck taking flight
We ended up staying 6 nights. Kim read 5 books and I watched countless football games and caught up on a number of blogs and paid the bills. We really enjoyed our time at the park. On the last day we decided to take a drive to hit the Walmart in Corsicana and take a drive around town. I did not bring the big camera, but I took a few with my phone. It is a historic town that is the county seat of Navarro County.  
Cool street of old buildings
Court House of Navarro County

Christmas Tree right in the middle of the street
Beautiful United Methodist Church
We extended our stay twice. We really loved this little park, but it was time to move south. Another cold front was coming and we need to be in Houston by Friday. We made reservations and everything! 


  1. Looks like you are having fun with the new camera. Love the picture of the fox squirrel. He looks like he is frozen and shocked that you took his picture! That said, the picture of the Cedar Waxwings is my favorite, absolutely beautiful!

  2. I am certainly not a bird expert, but it is fun to identify birds and notice the beautiful colors.

  3. We left Arkansas and headed south on the 18th of last month. I've been catching up on your blog and noticed we just missed you at Oak Park on Navarro Mills lake. Hope to catch up to you guys in the future. Happy your truck problem turned out the way it did. You guys be safe.
    Dick and Cathy

    1. Hey Dick and Cathy,
      Thanks for checking in. I hope you enjoyed Navarro Mills as much as we did. I am following your trip on FB. Enjoy your time out west.
      Shawn and Kim