Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I'm Back!!

I am making this entry on January 2. That is my “Freedom Day”, that I celebrate each year. That is the anniversary of the day I declared my plan to quit my job and start my new lifestyle. The rest of this was written a couple of weeks ago.

It has been over 5 months since I wrote my last entry. The rig has not moved since we arrived at the ranch around May 25. After arriving, we settled into life at the ranch and the surrounding area. The Springfield, Missouri area is where we have lived since 1992. It does not take long to reintegrate ourselves into society.

Our Site at the Ranch
First off, we both agree that we have had a very good time over the last 7 months. We have been able to spend a great deal of quality time with our grand children that live close by. We badly needed that. Kim has been watching our youngest grand child, Amelia a couple day each week. That requires her to make a 60 mile drive to Ozark, but the reward of some one on one time with the now 2 year old is worth it. She also stays one night and gets some time with the other 5 kids in that family. They are now very busy teens and sub teens, so it is not easy to get time with them. I have also made many trips over to spend time with all of the kids. We have also had them come out to spend time with us at the ranch.

Kim and Amelia enjoying breakfast

Kim and I with 7 Grandchildren and my bike
We have not been able to spend as much time with our grand children that live about three hours away in Arkansas, but we did get some time with them over the past few months.

Time at the ranch for us has been very busy. We were involved in 5 events over the last few months. That included 4 races and one rally. All of the events went well, but kept me very busy. Kim also helps out with the events on the weekend of the event. I spent weeks and weeks working on the trail set up and marking. It is hard work, and it can get frustrating, but I do enjoy it.

I have also spent a great deal of time working on my own riding. I have raced off road motorcycles for many years. When I retired and moved into our trailer, I thought I was done with all of that. When I got back here, I was motivated to do some riding. As I rode and got myself in shape, I felt very good on the bike and found myself pushing the speed more and more. I was riding 3-4 times a week for most of the 7 months that we were here. I was doing a bunch of riding with much younger riders. I really enjoyed that and it motivated me to keep up with some that are as young as 1/3 of my age. I have spent some time helping the newer riders with both riding and bike maintenance. I really do enjoy that. After doing all of that riding, I decided to test myself and enter a couple of races. I took home two second place trophies in the over 55 C class. I am pretty happy about that.

A shot taken of me riding through a creek bed. Shot by Carol Brooks
I had a good day. I actually got 2nd.
As I wrote in my last entry, we spent very little time at the lakes this past summer. I did get a little skiing in, but it seems this year was a motorcycle year.

I really enjoyed my time with my friends in this area. We even had some visitors from around the country. Some are friends that we made since we started traveling and one from my former work life.

My Friend Gordon driving my boat

I have wondered how much the problems with the rig last spring influenced our decision to stay here for all of this time. It may have, but I think we were just ready to get off the road for a while and spend time with family and friends. That is the beauty of this lifestyle, there are no rules, you get to do what feels right.

We are now ready to get back on the road for the winter months. We are very ready to get started. We will depart the ranch on Thursday, December 21.

I do not know if I will get inspired to write when we get back on the road. I have always had a rule about writing. I will not write if it becomes something that I do not enjoy. I have not written these past months because I feel that my life is too much like “normal” people. Most “normal” people don't write blogs, so why would anyone be interested in reading about my “normal” life? I have been very surprised how many people read what I write and have asked me to start writing again.

If you are still with me, Thanks for reading. We are now in the DFW area to see family. We are heading south from here. We have some new plans in Houston on January 13th that I am really looking forward to. We will then head to the SE US.    


  1. Glad you are back posting. I know the feeling about blogging from a home situation. I quit for the summer, but it seems like when travelling it is a good way to journalize the trip. Hope to see more. Safe travels.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Lorne. It is good to know that I am not alone. I do hope that my inspiration to write returns.

  2. Great to see you writing again! It looks like you are right in your element at the ranch and on your bike. It has been 5 years since I have been water skiing and even longer since I have been on a dirt bike. Both are @ss kickers if you have not been doing it for a while. I bet you are in great shape heading into the winter!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jim. I do think I am in better shape, now the challenge is to keep it up while traveling.