Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Day in Crested Butte

It was time to return to a little bit of civilization. We decided to go to church in Crested Butte and spend the day in the little mountain town. We went to this very cool church:

Then we headed off to the main street to see what we could find. They were having a farmers market and a car show. I really like old Mustangs and Mopars and so does my brother Alan. So these pics are for you Al:

A nice 440 Roadrunner:

This one was my favorite. A 65 Dodge Coronet with a 426 Hemi:

A 69 Mustang Boss 302:

A little rough, but one of my all time favorite cars.

My friends Mike and Des recommended a pizza place called the Secret Stash. We had to check it out.

It was very good. We met one of the owners and I could tell he took his Pizza seriously.
From there, we just walked around town and saw some local art and hit the history museum. 

Kim really liked the dragon. 

Crested Butte like many other mountain towns are thriving on tourism in the summer months. Many retirees that want to have a seasonal home have come here to live out their days. It is a beautiful place that has had a nice influx of money in the past few years. A nice place to visit, but now it is time to move on. See where we go next in the next installment of " As the Wheels Turn". Bye for now.

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