Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ouray and Silverton and Visitors

My Mom and Dad joined us for a few days. They would not stay in our rig with us, so they got a motel room in Montrose. That is only about 15 miles away. I like Montrose. It is a nice sized town. Not too big and not too small.

We decided to head out in Mom and Dad’s Honda CRV for this day of touring. We started by driving the 20 miles or so to Ouray. Here are a few pics:


The town is totally surrounded by rock mountains. It is a beautiful setting.


Mom and Dad have never seen Ouray or the Million Dollar Highway. I think they were also impressed.

We then went to the Box Canyon Falls. That was very cool.



Here is a shot with Mom and Dad. I clearly need to go on a diet.


Looking up. The Box Canyon is tough to photograph.


This is just below the canyon. This is the hot springs that feed all of the hot springs in Ouray, which we would check out at the end of the day.


We left the Box canyon and headed out on the Million Dollar Highway to Silverton.

The scenery was awesome.




I have tons of pictures. It is hard to choose which ones to show.


I love orange flowers. I wonder why…


Then down into the town of Silverton. We had ice cream and went to see the train that had made the trip from Durango.


Right as I took that shot, the engineer blew the whistle. That was loud.

A couple of town shots of Silverton:



We then headed back to Ouray to soak in the Hot Springs Pools. We did have to stop and take a goo look at this waterfall.


We did not take any pictures of us soaking in the Hot Springs pool, but I am sure I would not show them if I did. I am working on that diet thing. Really I am…

After the Hot Springs, it was all I could do to get back to the rig and go to bed. It sure felt good.

I hear it is almost 100 degrees in Missouri this week. I am sorry to hear that, really I am. I have found that 75 degrees in the day and 45 –50 at night suits us just fine. I think I will stick with that. Stay cool, wherever you are.

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