Saturday, August 9, 2014

Travel to Denver and Red Rocks

We made the drive from Scott City to the Denver area on 8/3. We drove north through Oakley where we attended mass and then picked up I 70 for the drive on into Denver. We arrived and got set up at Bear Creek Lake Park. This is not the type of park we would normally use, but this one has a few things that we will take advantage of. The first and most important is the close proximity to my Mom and Dad and brother Bob and his family. We got set up in site 25 and then headed over to Mom and Dads for a visit. This was the first time we had seen their new place. It is very nice and looks to suit their place in life quite well.

On the 4th Kim and I went to a concert at Red Rocks. TBT, Kim talked me into going and I am really glad she did. We had an awesome time. The venue is the reason to go. The fact that one of my all-time favorite bands was playing was an added bonus. REO Speedwagon and Chicago rocked Red Rocks. Although, the band members that are left are getting old, they did a great job on their classic hits and it will be a great memory.

The next day we got a bit of a slow start. I just can’t stay up late and party like I used to. Probably a good thing ;) I decided I needed a long walk, so I walked to the water ski school that is located in the park. It looked very cool and I may have to get a set in if we come back this way.

We went over to Mom and Dad’s again and they treated us to an early birthday dinner for me at White Fence Farms. Kim got a few good pics of me with Mom and Dad. Check out the Lemon Meringue pie that Kim is eating.

The 6th was my 55th birthday. My first birthday since I retired. I love the fact that I now can spend quality time with my family.  Here is a picture of my birthday party back at the park.

We had plans on the 7th to head to the mountains after having two new tires installed on the trailer.

Stay tuned to see how that works out. 

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