Monday, August 18, 2014

Rosy Lane Campground

Our tanks were getting full, so we decided to move on from the awesome campground in Pitkin. We decided to move over by the Taylor River to Rosy Lane Campground. it was a move of all of 40 miles. That is perfect.

We pulled into the campground and wow was it pretty. Big rock canyon walls on both sides of the Taylor River. There were no riverside sites available, so we chose site 18 and got on the waiting list for a site right on the river. The camp host is one of those people that has lots of rules and looks to be a bit burned out dealing with the public. I will just leave it at that. Kim has since made nice and all is good. I just avoid them.

Here are some pics of site 18:



I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a bright light outside. It could be an alien, but no it was just the moon. It was very bright and just coming up over the canyon walls. It was beautiful and kind of spooky. This is the best shot I got of it.


The next day, I took a ride up to Taylor Park to take a look around. The ride up the canyon was fun and beautiful. I stopped at the dam and watched some guys fly fishing. Then I took some pictures of the water flowing through the dam.


Here is a picture of the high range on the other side of the dam looking out over Taylor lake.


I rode up beyond the end of the lake and checked out the upper Taylor river. I think it needs to be fished.


The ride was cut short by a rain storm. I got very wet coming back down the canyon. The funny thing is that it quit raining about half a mile from the campground and when I got there it was dry and sunny. That is Colorado mountain weather.

We stayed in site 18 for a couple of days. Check back again to find out what happened next. All I can say is it was exciting.

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