Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lazy Saturday and some fish pictures


We did not get going very early on Saturday. I was fighting a cold and took it easy most of the morning. We finally decided to a walk to the store in Pitkin. It was about a mile round trip.



We decided to go to church in Gunnison, which was about 30 miles. The problem was the truck was still hooked up to the trailer, so we took the bike. Kind of different walking into church with our helmets and gear.

I bought my fishing license. I opted for the annual. It was $66, but I wanted the flexibility of fishing when I wanted. We then went to the park and enjoyed a decent internet connection and read. There were a few chainsaw sculptures in the park and it looks like someone is making many more.


Gunnison is a beautiful town.


We got home just before dark.

On Sunday, I got up and went fishing. I had to walk about 30 feet from our awesome site to make my first cast. This water is Quartz creek. I fished in the little holes and worked my way upstream. I was lucky enough to catch 5 of these little Brook Trout.



I may need a little help from the experts, is the second one a Brown Trout?

This is the view Kim had most of the day:


Have I mentioned how much we loved that site? We are now thinking this was our favorite site ever. Quiet, nice view of the creek, bathroom close by. And the interesting part, no water or electric. I think the only reason we moved on was we ran out of water after about 5 days. I don’t think I got the tank full.

You may have noticed, I have been posting a lot the past few days. I will do that when I am on the road. Part of the reason I do this is to act as a travel journal for us. I just hope you are enjoying it also.

On to our next adventure.

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