Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Best Site Ever…

You may remember that I called the site in Pitkin the best site we ever had. I loved the laid back environment and quiet along the creek. Well, Kim came back from talking to the Camp host and told me we were moving to another site in Rosy Lane. She had a site for us along the river. Here is a picture of the new site. Site 6.


The view the other way looked like this:


The Rocks above us looked like this:



The river and the rocks made this just beautiful. We ate dinner outside every night because this was our view from the table:


It was just beautiful. We left the windows open each night to listen to the river rushing by. We had rafters and kayakers come by on a regular basis. We voted, and this place is now our favorite place. And once again, this had no electric or water in the sites and no dump station. The views just made up for it.

I fished the Taylor river each day. I finally hooked a fish on day 5, but he got away before I was able to get a picture of him.

I did take one day and Kim and I went up to the upper Taylor river (above the lake). This is me doing what I like:


I enjoy fishing small streams and beaver ponds. It was just beautiful up there. We were near Dorchester campground. Here is picture showing my other passion. Some guys riding dirt bikes passing on the bridge.


It was a fun day, but once again no fish caught. I saw a lunker, but I was not good enough to interest him in coming to dinner.

I did take a bunch more pictures of the rocks. This is one of my favorites:


It has been a while since I posted a sunset picture, so here is one looking over the canyon walls.


A big adventure is scheduled for tomorrow. Check back to see what happens.

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