Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bay View RV Park

We ended up staying at Bay View RV park for 5 nights. When we first arrived, I thought it would be OK, but not great. It turned out to be great. The park itself was quiet. We enjoyed the pool and hot tub. I played basketball almost every day and we did enjoy having cable TV. We caught up on all of the latest Country music videos. Yes, we admit to liking country music. 

The best part of staying in Rockport was spending more time with our new friends, Bob and Rox and Bill and Lisa. Here is a cool shot of the girls and a nice sunset back at Goose Island:

We went back to the SP to see Bill and Lisa and hopefully see the dolphins. The dolphins decided to stay away that one evening. Oh well. We then went back to our trailer and had an unplanned party. We ended up staying up until after midnight telling stories and talking about the RV lifestyle. Let's just say all of us like to tell stories. We had a blast. 

Bill and Lisa were moving down to Mustang Island on Monday, so we said goodbye and we will see you down the road. 

On Monday, I went and bought some gumbo crab and some shrimp. I made a big pot of gumbo. It turned out pretty good. It was in the mid 70's in the morning and we decided to go swimming. We got about 100 yards from the pool and the wind came up and the temp instantly dropped about 15 degrees. Rain followed, but it was fine in the pool and hot tub. The walk back to the rig was a bit cold in shorts. It was 48 when we got back.

On Tuesday, we invited Bob and Rox over for gumbo. Rox brought over some yummy cornbread. We proved once again we could tell stories all night. Bob and Rox are also fulltimers and it is amazing how similar our stories are. We said goodbye and we will see you down the road. I am sure our paths will cross again.

I wanted to post these pictures, so that we remember them. I hope they don't mind. 

Bob and Rox:

Bill and Lisa:

We are moving on to Goliad SP to check out the local history and see Kim's sister.
Here is one last shot of the sunset at Goose Island. They never got old.

Enjoy your day!

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