Monday, February 23, 2015

Goliad Weekend with No Truck

As I wrote about in my last entry, the truck is at the Ford Dealer in Goliad. Kim's sister and husband along with daughter Halle came over to take us to dinner Friday evening. The pizza was very good. That was the first pizza we have had since we were at Michaels back in December. We just don't eat out very often. We do live on a budget and eating out every day is not in the budget, but the main reason is that I like to cook and really prefer my own cooking.

I did a bunch of research on the potential problems with the truck. I wanted to try a few things, so I got on my bike and went over to the dealership. They gave me the keys after checking ID and I tried to see what I could do. No luck. We will just have to wait and see. I do have a pretty good idea of what the problem is, but I have no idea what it will cost to fix.

On Sunday, after breakfast, I decided to go for a bike ride. It was a warm day with highs expected to be in the low 80's. I think the low Sunday morning was around 65 and very humid. Not great sleeping weather. I found one of those places I like to call a hidden gem. There is a bike trail that runs along the San Antonio River right out of the SP. There is one area that has some wooden boardwalks right over the river. They built some wooden switchbacks. It is really cool and fun to  ride.

The trail then lead over to the historic square in Goliad. Here is a shot of the square and a better shot of the courthouse.

There are plaques around the square commemorating some key historic events in the history of the area. This is one detailing a tornado that hit the area in 1902 that killed 114 people. That was only 2 years after the Galveston Hurricane that killed over 6000. I had never heard of the Tornado. I love to tie historical events together. I just find that interesting.

When I got back from my ride, I was hot and sweaty. It was over 80 and very humid. We planned to go to Church at the Presidio at 6PM. It was about a mile walk and mostly uphill. At least the walk home was easier. As we walked along the river, I thought about the many settlers before me that had walked along this river to the Presidio to go to church.

When we got back to the trailer, I fixed dinner, While I was slaving over the hot stove, a cold front came in. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees in 15 minutes. When I got up this morning it was 39 degrees. We had to turn on the heat.

All in all it was a very good weekend. When we woke up this morning (Monday) we saw that there was an ice storm going on in Kerrville. That was our planned next stop. I am really glad that we are not there. We will find out later what it will cost to fix the truck, but we did get a few positives out of getting stranded here for a few days.

The weather in Missouri looks ugly for next weekend, so the birthday party for Cameron has been cancelled. I am not sure what we will do at this point. All we can do is relax and enjoy the ride we call our life.

Here is a special effects version of the courthouse shot above:

If you click on it, you can see it better.

All the best.

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