Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Big tree, Cranes and more fishing

We are hanging out at Goose Island SP. It is a really cool place. I can see why so many people winter in the Rockport area. We have seen a bunch of RV parks in the area and most are pretty full. The weather has been very warm. Yesterday the high was about 80 degrees. We needed to make a trip to town, so we decided to do a little looking around while we were out.

We started by going to see the "Big Tree". It is a 1000 year old live oak. It is a really cool tree.

Here are a couple of shots of the rest of the grove. There were a number of large trees in this grove.

Kim took a picture of me in front of the tree. 

While we were at the tree, we noticed some large birds in the fields in that area. There were a number of vehicles stopped on the side of the road looking at the birds with binoculars. They were both Whooping Cranes and Sandhill Cranes. They were cool to watch, but we did not get any pictures on the ground. Then right when we were ready to leave a squadron of Whooping Cranes came flying over. I got this one shot:

We went into the town of Rockport and did the Walmart thing. I had been given the hot set up for catching Speckled Trout from a local fisherman. I made the needed purchase and was eager to return to the pier to try my luck. Here is the result:

This is about a 12 inch Speckled Trout. The keeper limit is 15 inches. I ended up catching about 8 fish, but no keepers. It was fun catching fish and hanging out on the Pier for the evening. There were a number of others from the campground fishing and telling stories. Good times!

I will have to finish with a sunset picture from last night. It is just so cool that we have this great view.

I have no idea what we will do the rest of the time we are here, but I am sure we will find something to do.

Enjoy the day!

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