Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mission Espiritu Santo and OH NO!

On Thursday, February 19 we decided to take a look at the mission Espiritu Santo. It is located right here at the State Park. We had about a mile walk from our site the mission. It was established in 1749, just like the Presidio that we toured on Wednesday. They are built on opposite sides of the San Antonio River. They were built to protect a trade route to Victoria.

There is no fee to tour the grounds, but there really is not much to see because the museum is closed for renovation. It was a nice day and we enjoyed checking out the few artifacts and interpretive signs that are on the grounds.

Inside the chapel:

It was interesting, but we had a set plan in the next few days to get ready to head to Missouri. That is the first time we had reservations made and dates set in a long time. happened!

On Friday, we were going to go check out a museum in Goliad and then drive the 30 miles over to Beeville to have dinner with Kim's sister and brother in law. I went out to start the truck and it would not start. It will crank, but no fire. I did some research on line and tried all I could think of and then started to look for a place to get it looked at. The good news is there is a Ford dealer about 1 mile from where we are camped. I called the dealership. They can't look at it until Monday. I had to get it towed in. The tow truck driver saw us coming and charged us $200 to take it 1 mile. Oh, well you have to expect stuff like that. Here is the picture I never want to see:

I changed our reservations and we are set up to stay here for a couple more days. We are all set up and it could be a lot worse. My biggest fear is breaking down on the road in the middle of nowhere. This is a pretty good situation by comparison. 

I was pretty proud of myself. I kept my cool and dealt with the situation. This is an area that has been a problem for me in the past. I can be a real jerk when I have plans and everything gets messed up. As it is, we will have a relaxing weekend and see what next week brings. I know that I have to learn to be resilient in this lifestyle. We will see what next week holds for us. The good news is that we can go to church at the Presidio on Sunday. That should be kind of cool. 

Life is not perfect, but still pretty great.

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