Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A New Baby


When we got up on Monday, May 4th, we were greeted with a beautiful day and some exciting news in the campground. The white mare that was obviously ready to give birth had the baby on Sunday. It is a little filly and is as cute as anything I have seen in a while. She has a pretty white face and white stockings.


Time for a little breakfast.


That is one of the things that is cool about this campground. They have horses in the pastures on both sides and the horses are very friendly and will come right up to the fence for petting. The owners here do not mind if you feed the horses a carrot or an apple. We love to see the little baby animals and this was a real treat. They had not named the little girl yet because the grandchildren of the owner had different opinions on the name.

Our new friends, Merrill and Joy were leaving and headed back north, so we spent some time talking and we had time for a quick golf lesson.


Joy is new to the game, but she has a pretty good swing. The time instructing, got my juices flowing and I decided to look into playing a round before we left the area.

Here is a picture of Joy and Merrill standing in front of their Cardinal 5th wheel. Great people and we look forward to seeing them in Canada in a few months.


I did decide to head out and play the golf course down at Mt. Carmel Junction. It is a par 33 executive course, but it is exactly what I needed to work on my game before I get to Salt Lake City. I have plans to play while we are there with my good friend Laurie. I had the course to myself and really enjoyed my round. I played it twice to get my 18 holes in. I played very inconsistently, but managed a couple of memorable shots including a birdie on the tough #3.




The clouds threatened all day, but it did not rain on me. When I got back to the campground, they had had a good rain.

It is very surprising to me that I have only played golf twice since I retired a year and 4 months ago. I love to play golf, but we have been so busy, that it just has not worked into the plan. I really had a good time and I think golf will be in the plan a bit more often.

Tuesday, May 5, was moving day. We really enjoyed our time at Bryce Zion campground. By the time we left, they had 11 rigs in the park. The busy season is coming quickly to southern Utah. I guess it is time for us to leave. We are heading north. We have one stop and then on to Salt Lake City and a return to civilization. This blog will go in a different direction for the next few entries. We will be more focused on man made things rather than the beauty created by God. Join us for the ride, it does turn out to be a very cool experience.

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