Monday, May 18, 2015

Golf and the Life Enhancement Vehicle

We decided that we would move on from Salt Lake City on Monday, May 11, but we had one thing I wanted to do before we left. Laurie, Berkley and Taylor got going early to play 9 holes at a local course.  We really had a blast.
The course was in great shape. Taylor is a 2 handicap, so we could not keep up on most holes. He can hit a drive way over 300 yards. Here are the other 3. What a great group of guys.
Me with Berkley and Taylor:
Thanks Laurie for all of the hospitality. We really enjoyed our time in SLC.
I do have to tell the story of hole #9. I started the round poorly, but settled down and started hitting the ball pretty well. I hit the green on both par 3’s, but then promptly three putted both greens. I had a number of pars and the round could have been much better than the 45 I shot, but I guess everyone could say that.
Hole #9 was a nice way to finish. This is actually #18 on this course and is a 510 yard par 5. I hit my tee shot down the right side of the fairway and the ball hit hit a tree and went straight down, but in the fairway. I think it traveled all of about 150 yards. I then hit a perfect 3 wood to the center of the fairway about 150 yards from the green. The green was out on a peninsula with water coming out across the fairway. I hit a 6 iron to about 10 feet. That was the best shot I have hit in a while. It felt great. I read the putt as straight up the hill. I pulled the putt to the left, but I had misread the putt and it actually went right, so it broke right and went in for a birdie 4. Awesome!!
We then got ready to go and said our goodbyes. As we were getting through the congestion of SLC, Kim started looking at maps and decided we did not want to go to Bear Lake. It is a very steep road and the weather was going to be turning cold. We also wanted to find a smaller lake. We settled on Hyrum Lake State Park.  Here are a few shots of the snow capped mountains as we left SLC:
Here are a few shots of Hyrum SP:
One of the downsides of staying in great places with cool lakes is that we had no way of getting out on the water or seeing what is on the other side. Well, that has now changed. This is our Life Enhancement Vehicle:
It is a Sea Eagle 420 X. It is a 14 foot inflatable Kayak. It is really very stable and very easy to inflate. I can be ready to go in about 15 minutes. This is no cheap boat and it is very tough. The outer shell is just like a white water raft. We love it!!
Here are a few pictures of our maiden voyage:
The fat guy in the back:
We cruised back into a creek and saw a deer having a drink of water. It was a beautiful day.
We saw lots of Gerbes and other water birds. The white cliffs were full of swallows.
Are you ready for lots of pictures in lakes and rivers? We are looking forward to lots of paddling in the coming months. We were planning to stay at Hyrum for just a day or two, but with the weather forecast, we may stay longer. We are at lower elevation and we have 50 amp electric and water.
I was getting ready to post this today and we got some terrible news. As you may remember, we visited Kim’s uncle while we were in Texas. He is fighting cancer, but his prognosis is good and he just finished his last chemo treatment. Now we heard that his wife has a health issue also. Our prayers go out to La and the family. Take the time today to appreciate how good your life is. If it is not good, Change it!

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