Monday, May 4, 2015

Moving Day from Bryce NP to Bryce Zion Campground


On April 28, we moved from Bryce Canyon National Park to a private campground called Bryce Zion Campground. It was a move of about 60 miles. We liked our campsite in the North campground in Bryce, but wanted to get closer to Zion NP. Here are a couple of shots of our site at Bryce:


It was a pull-through, but we could not get through there, so we backed in and parked the truck behind. It worked great.


We got going and headed out at 11:31. How do I remember that? Well, checkout time is 11:30 and we were pushing that. They wanted $5 to dump, so we knew we would have a free dump station where we were going. I have never seen a fee for dumping when you are camping. I was told it was because the campground just outside of the park complained that nobody was paying them to dump at their park. Very strange and hints at an under the table issue. I will just leave it at that.

We arrived at Bryce Zion Campground and there was not a single rig in the place. It is right on the highway, but is in a beautiful valley. I had read on-line about this place. It was a KOA, but that recently changed. We loved this campground. The road noise is a non-issue at night. The wi-fi is fast, which is good because we have no cell signal. We saved on cell data while we were there. The staff is extremely friendly and the views are great. We found much to like about this place that will become obvious over the next few posts. Here is a picture of our site:


Here is our view:


The big thing is we have ELECTRICITY! We can use the microwave. The first thing I did was cook a bag of popcorn. We can turn on all the lights we want without worrying about using up the batteries. We are good boondocking, but a month was enough. We will enjoy the modern conveniences for a while.

While we were setting up another rig pulls in. The guy comes by to ask about the place. I guess the girl in the office had left for a minute. His name is Merrell and his wife is Joy. The are from Calgary, Alberta. We got to talking and quickly became friends. They got parked in a site up the hill from us. We had them over for a glass of wine that evening and had a great time getting to know each other. What an awesome chance meeting. It was great to compare notes after each others day of adventures for the next few days. For much of the time we were there, we were the only two rigs in the place. By the end of the week, we counted 11 rigs. It looks like things get busy around here about May 1.

Are you ready for Zion? Well, I have way over a thousand pictures I took at Zion over the next week. The next post will be the beginning of that unreal adventure. I have reviewed the pictures and I am not sure where to begin. I will think about that and do my next update as soon as I decide. Zion National Park is HUGE!

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