Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Brian and Shannon’s Last Days in Oregon


On Wednesday, July 8, we all slept in a bit and tried to recover from the long but awesome day on Tuesday. After a big breakfast, Brian and Shannon went to look at the Heceta Lighthouse and then make a trip into town for some fish for dinner. We heard good things about the Lighthouse and they were successful in finding some King Salmon and some Stealhead.

When they returned, Shannon and Kim wanted to find a place to hang their hammocks and just relax. Brian and Shannon brought us a hammock as a gift when they arrived and Kim was eager to try it out.

While the girls were hanging out in the trees, Brian and I decided to go for a hike. There are some interesting trails that lead right out of the campground and we walked for a couple of miles. The dense forest is very interesting with moss covered trees and fern undergrowth.




Brian and I were having fun trying to find the perfect angle to shoot pictures of these strange looking trees. Here he is getting close to nature:
















I found a spot that was filled with ferns. They looked very interesting, but this picture does not do it justice.


We got back to the girls and we all hung out (literally) in the hammocks for a while. Then we went back and fixed dinner. I don’t normally include food in my blog, but I must say the salmon was very good, but the Steelhead was spectacular. I would have to say that it was the best fish I have ever eaten.

We then went down to the beach to have a fire and watch the sunset. We had not done a fire on the beach that I can ever remember. We have had intentions of doing one in Texas, but the weather would not cooperate. So, this is campfire on the beach #1. The funny part is that we used wood that we scavenged from another site when we were in Texas in January. It traveled with us all of that time. It was a comfortable night and we just quietly enjoyed the end of their visit.



Brian got up early on Thursday, July 9 and took a walk on the beach before anyone else was up. When I got up, he convinced me to walk the Hobbit Trail to the beach. It was a short drive away. The trail winds through the mangroves and other shore plants making a tunnel like trail.



It was a short, but very steep trail down to the beach. It was foggy and overcast.


We took a few pictures of some Sea Stars and some Sea Anemones.



We hiked back up to the car and drove back to camp. It was time for Shannon and Brian to head north to catch their flight later that evening. Before they left, they went to Mt. Adams to see another real mountain up close. We really enjoyed having them come for a visit. We do miss our family as we live on the road and it is great when they can come to visit. Our son Mark is going to join us in Seattle in August.

I am fairly sure that Brian really enjoyed the trip. He had a number of life firsts on this trip and we enjoyed sharing those with him. They made it home safely and will now reassemble their 5 children and await the birth of #6. We hope to be there to see her right after she is born in October.

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