Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Potholes Reservoir, Washington


We left Fort Spokane Campground on Friday, June 26. We almost never move on a Friday, but we decided that we needed electricity and we found a place that sounded OK, so we made reservations.

We use many different methods for finding places to camp. We are actually getting pretty good at using the tools and finding places to stay that are not only acceptable, but affordable. We looked at our options and found a place called Sun Dessert. Does that sound hot or what? This is a private RV park that is for 55+ people. It is right next to the Potholes State Park. We found this place with Passport America, so we got half off. That is $12.50 per night with full hook ups. That sounded great, but what is the catch?…we thought.

We got an early start (for us) to beat the heat. The drive was through miles and miles of wheat fields. It was really quite beautiful.


We drove about 150 miles to Moses Lake, Washington. We stopped there for groceries, and then went the additional 20 or so miles to Sun Dessert. When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised. It was a really nice park. We even had a deck that we moved up to the side of the trailer after we got parked. We immediately hooked up 50 amp power and turned on both A/C’s. It was over 100 degrees. That is a bit hot for this area, but this is the hottest part of Washington State. We even got TV out of Spokane. On Saturday, Spokane broke their record high temp by 8 degrees. It is very hot and dry out west right now. Here is a shot of our site:


We spent the rest of Friday inside enjoying the cool Air Conditioning. I was able to see the US Women’s soccer team beat China to advance to the final 4 of the World Cup. That was the first sporting event I have seen on TV in months.

We got up on Saturday and decided to take a look around before it got too hot. We walked over to the club house, which is very nice, and then around the entire complex and ended up back at our site. I decided to take a look in that storage building. Why? Because I am just curious like that…Well that was a mistake. I was then attacked by bees! I quickly retreated, but not before I got stung on the bridge of my nose. I am allergic to bee stings, so Kim got be a Benadryl and I put ice on the painful sting. My face started to swell almost immediately. In about an hour, I was having trouble seeing out of my eyes. Kim wanted to take a picture, but I declined. I just sat in my chair and closed my eyes and listened to a book the rest of the day. Actually, the Benadryl put me to sleep and I only heard a small portion of the book. Kim watched movies all day.

We got up on Sunday morning and the swelling had gone down enough to go to church. We went to the small town of Warden. I think there were about 20 people in church. On our way back from church, I wanted to take a few shots showing the stark contrast between the irrigated fields and the land that was carved by the ancient floods. These two pictures were taken less than a mile apart.



We went back to the trailer and relaxed. We discussed our options of either moving on Monday or staying here for a couple more days and driving straight on to the Portland area. We had about 250 miles to go. That is too far for us in one day. We decided we would make the decision on Monday morning.

I did get outside in the evening to check out a very nice sunset. This is the best sunset we have seen in a very long time.


A little later it got very pink.


The next morning we found out we were on the National News. There was a wildfire just a few miles from where we were. Sadly a number of homes were destroyed, but thankfully no one was hurt.

I am just about caught up with this blog. Once you fall behind it is really tough to catch up unless you quit having adventures. We are unwilling to do that, so I have been focused on writing as often as I can. We had a decision to make. Stay or Go. Come back and I will bet you know what we are going to do.

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