Thursday, July 30, 2015

Move to Central Oregon

On Monday, July 27, we decided it was time to move on from our quiet little campground. Cascara Campground was a nice quiet place, but the forecast is for 100 degree temps this week, so we wanted electric hook-ups. We also need to get moving to the north and east.
We had a bit of a problem late the evening before we left. I normally use one propane bottle up and then change to the other while I go get one filled. I had forgotten to check and when I did earlier this week #1 was empty, but I did not know how long we had been running on #2. We found out late tonight, that #2 was now empty also. Now I have no refrigerator and no way to make my morning coffee. I got up very early and headed out to get both bottles filled. The good news is a place about 10 miles away was open and it all turned out fine. The refrigerator was also only about 10 degrees warmer than it normally is. Lesson learned…
While I was out, I took a picture of this cool covered bridge. There are a number of them in this area.
We got moving around 10:00 AM and headed up the Willamette River. We took Highway 58. We started to gain elevation as we climbed up the valley. We finally topped out at a little over 5000 feet. The temp was down to 60 degrees. It felt great. We then dropped down into the area near Bend, Oregon. We found a place called Lava Lands National Monument. We looked at each other and said together, “What is that?”. We stopped even though we were towing. We found a place to park and have lunch. We then went to the visitor center and we surprised how extensive this area is. It is cool to see the immediate transition from green forest to black lava hills.
Right by the Visitor Center is a large Cinder Cone. That is the large hill in this photo:
We decided that we would come back to fully explore this NM at a future time. We got going and after a stop at Walgreens in Redmond, Oregon to refill perscriptions, we drove on to Jasper Point Campground.
This is a very nice State Park. They have water and electric for $28 per night. We got a great site with a nice view of the lake. We have seen all kinds of wildlife including a large covey of quail. Can you see them in this picture?
The lake is low, but we still like our view.
I will write more about this area in future posts. I will also give a full write up to the Lava Lands National Monument. We will be just sitting here on this lovely lake in central Oregon enjoying our life of leisure. Have a great day.

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