Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Relaxed Lifestyle


On July 14, we relaxed. We have our own definition of relaxing. Some of our best days are just hanging out in the trailer, reading or watching movies.

On this day, we could not watch any movies on line because we have no internet (cell) connection in the campground. We have to walk about a half mile to the picnic table over looking the beach to get a weak 3G signal. It does allow me to post to the blog and get messages.

We use our public libraries in Missouri to download books to our electronic devices and then we can read on the tablet (in Kim’s case) and I listen to a book on my phone.

I decided we needed a picture of our site at this campground, so here it is.


We barely fit in this site because there is a creek right behind the rig and they have a fence to stop people from falling in. It does not allow us to back up to the end of the site and we have to park the truck partially under the front of the trailer. That is one of the things we like about our trailer. Although our trailer is over 40 feet long with the bike on the back, we are only about 60 feet overall. We have seen some rigs that are more like 75 feet overall.

Most of the days here at Washburne SP, we end the day with a walk to the beach to check messages and watch the sunset. Many nights it has been cloudy, so no sunset. This night was an exception. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Here is the view from our picnic table:


The sunset just kept getting better and better.



And then it was gone.



That was a nice day. It was in many ways, the days like this that we dreamed of before we ever started on this journey. We love the days of seeing amazing sights in the National Parks, but this is more relaxing and peaceful.

Try to find that peaceful place in your life, even if it is only inside you.

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