Monday, March 23, 2015

Bottomless Lakes State Park

On Saturday, March 21, we left Brantley Lake SP. We had to move because the site we were in had a reservation for that night. We thought about moving within the campground, but decided if we were hooked up, we might as well move on. We made a short trip of about 70 miles to Bottomless Lakes SP. This park is just about 15 miles to the east of Roswell, NM. No, we did not see any aliens.

To say the drive from Carlsbad to Roswell on US 285 is desolate would be an understatement. The drive was easy with little wind and a very flat and smooth road. When we arrived at the SP, you could tell they had taken some significant rain in the previous 24 hours. I am sure it is rare to get much rain there. it is a very dry landscape.

Bottomless SP is built around a series of flooded sinkholes. They are surrounded by a large rock bluff. Here are a few shots.




We had a nice wide site. It was really pretty nice.


We got up on Sunday morning and decided to do something that we had not done before. We left after only one night. That is really unlike us. It is really all about moving on to Utah. We did want to go into Roswell to go to church, so we just hooked up and headed to church. I took a few more shots before we left.


Here is a cool swimming area. Too cold to swim though.


These lakes got us talking again about buying an inflatable boat. We would love to go out on that smooth water and do some paddling. We will see if we make the decision to buy one. We then need to figure out where to get it shipped. I do find that I buy less stuff because it is tough to get it shipped to us. That is probably a good thing. 

After dumping, we headed off to church. It is always a good idea to get rid of your extra stuff before you go to church. ;) We were able to park in an adjacent school parking lot. I was able to check it out on Google earth before we left. Assumption Catholic church was very beautiful. The profile of the roof of both the church and adjacent outdoor gathering area are made up huge curved laminated beams. They also had some of the prettiest stained glass windows, I have seen.

Roswell Church

I wish the sign was not in this picture, but that is the only shot I took. If you look close, you can see the tree blooming on the left. We then headed north, but that story will have to wait for another entry. We had not seen true desolation yet.

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