Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kerrville, Texas

We made it back to Kerrville, Texas on Monday March 9. The drive from Wichita Falls was only about 5 hours. There was light rain most of the way, but it never really poured. We took that route because we had never been on those roads. I really like to take new roads and see things I have not seen before. We drove through some towns like Breckenridge, Cisco, Brownwood, Brady and Mason. All of those town are typical West Texas towns. All are county seats and the town is built around a classic old court house surrounded by a square. I really should have stopped and taken a picture of each of them. I have to admit, after driving over 2000 miles in the past two weeks, I was just ready to get back to the rig. Oh well, lost opportunities.

We did stop in Brady at the local Dairy Queen for lunch. For you not from Texas, a Texas DQ is unlike any other in the country. They have a different menu that includes the country basket. That is a chicken fried steak finger basket with white country gravy. Kim was really looking forward to having one while we were in Texas. The Brady DQ did not disappoint. Good Stuff!

I had very little ambition to get back in the truck the next day. We did need to go to the grocery store to restock. So, by mid afternoon we headed out. We did want to see one other thing in Kerrville. This is the Inn of the Hills:

The Inn of the Hills is where we spent most of our Honeymoon over 35 years ago. We had not been back since. We were very happy to see that the hotel was still well maintained and is a nice place. The truth is that neither of us remembered what it looked like and had different pictures in our minds. Funny how that works. 

We are planning to go to Fredericksburg on Wednesday. I really want to see the Museum of the Pacific war. I am sure I will do an entry about it. Have a great day!

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