Friday, March 6, 2015

Hardwood Hills Ranch

We continue to have very wintery weather in Missouri. I would have loved to do some riding with friends while i was here, but we were still very comfortable at Hardwood Hills. We stayed in the lodge while we were here. We will just stay 7 days. Here are a couple of shots of the inside of the lodge. The first is the common area with the kitchen:

Turning around, here is the TV area:

We chose the Kawasaki room to sleep in. I am not sure why we like that room, but that is where we stay when we need to sleep in the lodge.

Notice the pictures on the walls. Those were taken and enhanced by Linda, the wife of my partner Bob. 

We were able to get a lot of stuff done while we were here. We feel we are now ready to begin our trip out west. We will certainly miss the family, but we are very excited about trip. The adventure should be interesting, challenging, fun and awesome. Follow along to see how it all works out. 

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