Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow pictures and some good news

On Saturday, March 1 the area around Mansfield, Missouri was hit by a pretty strong snowstorm. The weatherman was predicting some snow later in the day into Sunday morning, but when I got up and looked outside, it was already snowing. It kept snowing all day. At times it was pretty hard. It was also cold, around 20 degrees. The snow was light and flaky. Then after dark, a warm front moved in and the snow turned to freezing rain. Our light and flaky snow was ruined by a half inch layer of ice. Here are a few shots of the ranch. We didn't move all day.

Here is where are rig normally is parked when we are staying at the ranch. It is a great full hook up site with a great view.

On Monday, I went to see my friend and partner, Max the dentist. After doing a filling we had a nice long talk about retirement and the future he and his wife Cecile have planned. He is shooting for the summer of 2016.

When I got back to the ranch, I got a call from my CPA. He gave me the good news about my taxes. I will get a significant refund. This being my transition year from working to retirement, I was not sure how things would work out. I was prepared to pay in, but the opposite happened. The extra money will make our travels later this year even more fun. It was a real relief to have all of that done and behind me. I now just need to get some maintenance done on the truck and relicense two of my motorcycles and we will be ready to head back south.

We were hoping for some nice weather while we were here to enjoy the ranch, but that did not happen. Oh well, we will enjoy some more family time including the 1st birthday party of our youngest grandson Cameron on Saturday. We are really looking forward to that.

Enjoy your day and thanks for reading.

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