Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Navajo Lake State Park

We left Villanueva State Park on Thursday, March 26. We decided to make a very long drive for us to the northern part of the state. We were taking advantage of a good travel day from a wind perspective and we really could not find a place to camp that was at low enough elevation for this time of year. The route was about 270 miles. I chose Hwy 550 that was away from the mountains and looked like it was across the desert on the western side of state. I was expecting a boring drive, boy was I wrong. The drive was beautiful. We could have stopped every few miles to check out a new vista with beautiful rock formations and snow covered mountains. Here are a few shots that just don't do this beautiful state justice.

I thought this one of the rig was kind of cool:

Same ridge without the rig:

We crossed over the continental divide at the lowest elevation I can remember. Just a little over 7000 feet,

We made the drive on to Navajo Lake, The campground sits on a ridge high above the lake. It is a beautiful spot. Kim fell in love with one campsite that looked to have a great view. It was difficult to squeeze in there, but we got it done.

Here is our view:

If you look closely or enlarge this photo, you can see some snow covered peaks in the distance. 

We did not know anything about the Farmington/Bloomfield, NM area. We came here because I needed to pick up the replacement brake line for my motorcycle that was damaged in the little mishap down in Carlsbad. On Friday, we made the drive down to Farmington to get the parts. I stopped for a few pictures along the way.

One cool part of the road goes right up the face of the dam.

The trip to Farmington yielded some unexpected results. I will not elaborate now, but will tell the full story in future posts. I will just say it was one of the best experiences I have had since we have been traveling. I love my life!

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