Sunday, March 8, 2015

Time to go home

We left the ranch on Saturday, March 7 to head back to our home that is in storage in Kerrville, TX. We really miss our home on wheels. We have been away from it for about two weeks and we can't wait to get back to our bed. It is really amazing how it has truly become our home.

Before we left we had a nice evening at Shannon and Brian's. Our son Scott also came by to visit. It was great to be with the kids. We went over and watched them swim for a bit at the local recreation center. Here is William and Shannon:

Here is a shot of Eve and Kim:

And one of Isabella:

I just like to get some pictures in of the grand kids. They grow up so fast.

We decided to drive down through Arkansas on our way to Texas. We stopped off at the Buffalo River and had a picnic lunch. While we were there some paddlers came by. It was a 60 degree day. The best day we have seen in quite a while.

It is a really beautiful river. We really want to float the river in the not too distant future.
We then went on down to our son's Michael and Audrey's house and spent some time with our two grandsons. Cameron just turned one and Connor is 4.

Cam gets into everything.

He is doing great after having tubes inserted in his ears on Friday. 

We drove on to Wichita Falls, TX on Sunday. We will make the last part of the drive on Monday. We are so ready for warm weather. Here is one last shot of the lodge we took before we left, the icicles were pretty cool.

We have some really cool stuff planned over the next couple of weeks. Check back in to see how it all turns out. Sorry this is such a personal entry, but this blog first and foremost is a log of our travels for us to look back on and remember. 

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