Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Monahans Sandhill State Park

We left San Angelo SP on Monday, March 16. We made the 166 mile drive through Midland/Odessa to Monahans Sandhill SP. We were not sure what we would find at this park. It was a hot day. The high was near 80. We even broke down and turned on the AC in the truck for the second half of the drive. The drive was kind of interesting because it was mostly desolate typical West Texas. There was miles and miles of oil field service company yards. We then dropped down into the Permian Basin. You could see a lot of old abandoned oil field equipment and tanks. It was kind of like a history of the oil field lesson.

When we arrived at the sand hills. We were a bit surprised with how pretty the sand hills are. The sand is soft and just invites you to take your shoes off and go for a walk on the sand. Here are a few shots:

Climbing the sand hills was hard work. We saw many young families playing in the sand as if it was snow. We have a plastic sheet that we carry with us, we tried that out on the hills. It did not work great, but it was still fun. I think we had more fun watching the little kids playing in the sand.

We then found a quiet spot with a good view of the setting sun. We sat there for about a half hour and just talked about the trip and enjoyed the end of the day. This will get the award of "hidden gem". We did not expect much, but it is really a cool place.

When we got up on our second day, it was raining. Not really hard, but a good steady rain. This part of the country can really use the moisture. What did we do on this rainy day? We washed the truck! Yep, that is right. We have found that rainy days in campgrounds are perfect days to wash the road grime off of the truck and the front of the trailer. The Truck was looking pretty bad after the trip to Missouri. It looks much better now.

We are only going to stay here for two nights. This is the 8th Texas State Park we have stayed at. We also visited one that we did not stay at (Longhorn Cavern). I think we got our moneys worth out of the Texas State Park Pass. We are moving a bit quicker than we normally do. We want to get to Utah before too late in April. The next stop will be in the Carlsbad area of New Mexico. That is about 150 miles northwest of Monahans. 

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