Monday, March 16, 2015

San Angelo State Park

We arrived at San Angelo State Park on March 12. We both commented that this felt like the start of the the second part of this trip. We are not sure how many parts it will have, but this one includes visiting the 5 National Parks in Utah and we are very excited about that.

San Angelo SP is a very strange place. It is a very nice SP that was built  around a lake. The problem is that the lake is totally dry. At first it looks like this area was hit by an apocalyptical event. There is all of the infrastructure that you would expect like boat ramps and signage, but there is no water. Here is a shot of the lake:

The sites have great spacing and there there are miles and miles of trails through the scrub brush and mesquite trees. Here is a shot of our site:

There is no road noise and we kind of feel like we are out all by ourselves. We actually kind of like this place. The only problem is the bathrooms are about a half mile away. At least we get a good walk each day. 

The story of this place is kind of interesting. The city of San Angelo was hit by a major flood in 1937. The good news is that no one was killed, but the property damage was extensive. In 1947 they started construction of the dam. It was finished in 1953. The dam is over 8 miles long. Over the past 70 years the lake has been dry before and was full as recently as the late 1980's. The lake/dam is for flood control. They let the water out as soon as the down stream areas can take the water. I would love to see this place with a lake. They will need one of those 30 year rains from a hurricane to fill the lake. 

I took a long bike ride on Saturday and a long walk on Sunday. We did have a good time here. Now it is time to move on. Here are a few more shots of this area:

Here are a few sunset shots:

I did take the time while we were here to get my solar system hooked up and working. It worked out great. I will take some pictures and talk more about it in a future entry. Enjoy your day!

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