Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gros Ventre River Valley


We were still getting some rain each day and I was really ready to just go for a hike by myself, so on May 28th we stayed at the campground. Have I mentioned how much I loved Atherton Creek Campground? Dare I say, this is my favorite campground of the 30+ that we have stayed in on this trip? I love this shot:


The National Parks are amazing and I love them, but sometimes I need to get away from the crowds and just enjoy nature. We love to camp away from the parks a few miles to get a little more solitude. I found a game trail along the side of the lake and I was able to follow it for about a mile along the edge of the lake. The little baby geese were cute:


The views along the lake were beautiful.



Kim loves the wildflowers. They are just coming out at 7000 feet up in the mountains of Wyoming.


As you can see by the clouds tin the shot below the rain was coming in again and we decided to take the rest of the off. What the heck does that mean? Every day is a day off. Kim just read and I did some writing and reading. We are kind of waiting for a clear day to see the Teton Range in all of its splendor. We have nothing but time, we will just wait.


Chasing dreams takes effort and guts. First, what is your dream? Are you in sync with the one you love on that dream? Dreams are best shared with someone you love. Finding a common dream may take some give and take. Have you done something today that gets you closer to your dream?

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