Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Old Faithful–Same as it ever was.


June 4th is a special day in our lives. It is the birthday of my big Brother Alan. It is also the birthday of our oldest son Michael. We really miss both of them and look forward to seeing them again soon. We decided it was the day to play tourist. We got moving kind of late and headed south across the construction for the 5th time. My truck is getting really dirty. We drove on down to the Firehole Canyon Drive. I was impressed with the canyon and the lack of people. No tour busses are allowed on the drive.





We love waterfalls and this was a great way to start our day. We then went over to Old Faithful Geyser. We had about a 30 minute wait before its next eruption, so we enjoyed touring the very nice new Visitor Center.

There it goes:


There was a good sized crowd, but it was still cool. I always wonder if in the middle of the night it takes an hour off and doesn’t do it’s thing. But that is just the way I think.

One thing I do really like about the Old Faithful area is the Inn. I really like the way it looks.















This will be us in our older years. Oh wait a minute, we are in our older years.


We then went for the 2 mile walk around the Upper Geyser Basin.



I love the colors in this one.


Kim was enjoying the geysers and to be honest, other than the crowds, so was I. Next was Black Sand Basin and then Midway Geyser basin that included Grand Prismatic Spring. That was very cool. No actually it was very hot and felt good on this chilly day.





I really like these tour busses.


We then went up the Firehole lake drive. Once again, no tour busses = Good!


I was done with thermal features at that point and I had two days left on my fishing license. What do they say about insanity and the same result? Same result. Beautiful scenery, uncooperative fish.


There is another Wolf/Coyote in this picture just above the mirror.


We had been driving through this very interesting area for a while. I decided to stop and get this picture.


When we got back to the Albright Visitor center, a new baby had been born. Kim tried to get a picture.


That was another full day. I think by the end of it, Kim was ready to be rid of me for a while. The next day, I was sent off on my own. Come back to see what trouble I can get in when I am unsupervised.

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