Thursday, June 4, 2015

I think it is time for some Fishing!


When I got up on Friday May 29, it was once again cloudy and threatening rain. There was no wind and the lake looked like glass. I have been wanting to go fishing in Slide Lake, but the water is muddy due to the spring run off and all of the rain. I decided to go for it anyway. I guess I just needed to fish that bad. I went on line and was able to buy a one day fishing license for $14 for Wyoming. They wanted $92 for an annual permit. Kind of pricey. I wish they would come out with a national fishing license for guys like me that travel around the country.

We inflated the boat and were on the water around 9AM, that must be some kind of record. The lake was calm, so we went north to the upper end of the lake.


It was a beautiful morning, but the fish were not biting. I really think the visibility was just not good enough. The views of the red cliffs at that end of the lake were gorgeous.



We paddled around for about three hours and then the wind came up. It was coming out of the south and the water started getting rougher. We headed back in. We had to hug the shore line to stay out of the wind. We had a point to go around just north of the campground that would be unprotected. We had to paddle hard for a couple of long stretches, but we made it back. What a great workout, Kim did not appreciate it as much as I did.

After putting the boat away (dry this time) we had lunch and Kim settled in to read a book. She was done for the day. I still had the rest of the day to fish, so I decided to drive up the canyon and see what fishing I could find up there.

The scenery up the canyon was awesome. I could look back and see the Teton range at times.




The colors were very interesting. Red and grey mountains all in the same area.


The Gros Ventre River is really awesome when it is running this heavy.


I fly fished for a while in Crystal Creek, but once again had no luck. The fishing was awesome, but the catching was not as good. As I drove back, I came to a place that I really liked. I like the contrast of the horse ranch with green pastures and the Teton range behind.


I was sitting in my recliner, kind of bummed out because I did not catch any fish and started to think about my day. I got up this morning and went paddling and fishing and then went for a beautiful drive and did some fly fishing in the afternoon. And this is a bad day??? I must be an idiot! Some times I just have to step back and think about how lucky I am to gain the needed perspective to appreciate my life.

It rained for a while and then we had an almost sunset over the Teton range. Life is good.


I am writing this on June 4th. Happy birthday to my big brother Alan and to my son Michael. I wish both of you could be with me to share this awesome journey. I miss you guys!


  1. What beautiful scenery! Ya, it's always nice to CATCH the fish, but as they say, the worst day fishing is better than the best day working! We hope to do some fishing while we're there next month. Are those the only options? One day or a year? I sure agree, there should be a National License! A 1 or 2 week option would be nice too.

  2. Yes, they sell by the day or annual. in Wyoming. Montana is much better. One thing to remember, a Wyoming license does not work in Yellowstone. You can fish in Yellowstone for $18 for 3 days.