Monday, June 15, 2015

Paddling on Holland Lake, Montana


We got up on Tuesday, June 9 excited about hitting the lake for more paddling. We had toured the east end of the lake on Monday, so we headed to the west end.

Here is a shot of our campsite along the lake.


We got some nice shots of the mountains reflecting in the water.


It was a beautiful day with no wind. The lake was like a mirror.



We just paddled around looking at the outlet of the lake and watching 4 kids playing in the water. The oldest was a girl and clearly ruled the roost. Kind of reminded us of our own kids when they were little.


We saw the deer by the edge of the lake. We are pretty sure it was the same ones as the day before.


We headed in about 3PM and decided to have dinner and then get back on the water and stay until sunset.

The day stayed perfect. We went out in the lake about 7 PM and floated around and took pictures. Very relaxing. This is why we bought the Personal Enhancement Vehicle.

The sunset was amazing. Check out the progression.


While we were waiting, Kim decided to turn her seat around, so we could look at each other to talk. We still like each other after all of these years. I am a lucky guy.







I could not decide which one to choose, so I didn’t.


What an awesome day on the water. When we got back to shore, we had to hustle to avoid the mosquitos again.

On Wednesday morning we got up and put on long sleeved shirts and pants and sprayed off with repellant and went outside to get the rig ready to leave. We moved quickly and headed to the dump station. We got it all done and were happy to get out of there. We drove the 100 miles to just past Columbia Falls, Montana. We then went north another 20 miles to Big Creek Campground. The last 8 miles were badly washboarded dirt. We just went slow and made it without incident and with all fillings still in our teeth.

We are sitting in a beautiful campground along the North Fork of the Flathead river. We are only 3 miles from an entrance to Glacier National Park.


Here is a shot of the river:


Neither of us have ever been to Glacier National Park. I am really excited about seeing what this park has in store for us. We will get started in my next entry. I can promise the scenery will be world class!


  1. Just beautiful! Can't wait to kayak up there. Keep the pics coming!

  2. Lots of great lakes up in this area of Montana. Wait until you see the pictures of kayaking in Glacier.

  3. Thanks for the comments, that was a real hidden gem. Just watch out for the mosquitos.