Saturday, June 13, 2015

Helena, Montana


On Sunday, June 7, we got up and drove the 30 miles over the dam of Canyon Ferry Reservoir and on to Helena, Montana. We had a bit of time before the 11 AM mass at the Cathedral, so we went to the capitol. It is a very handsome building.


You can see the bell towers of the St. Helena Cathedral from all over the city.


The exterior is very impressive:













We were there for another high mass that lasted almost 2 hours. The choir was good, but no where close to the two choirs we heard in Salt Lake City. As impressive as the exterior was, the interior was even better.















What an awesome structure. I really enjoy visiting these incredible churches and learning about the history and architecture. Here are two more shots from outside.














When we got back to the campground, it was a typical Sunday afternoon. The park was already half empty and people were packing up and leaving. By 6PM, we had the park to ourselves. I just sat there and texted with my brothers, watched some young folks wakeboarding wishing I had my boat and enjoyed another sunset.




Monday was moving day. We enjoyed Hellgate campground, but we wanted to get moving to Glacier National Park. We are about 250 miles away. I am not sure we want to do it all in one day. We will see how we feel. I have a stop selected about 150 away that sounds nice.

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  1. I love cathedrals too. Looks like you spent your evening in just the right place