Thursday, June 4, 2015

Grand Teton National Park on a Sunny Day


On Saturday, May 30, we finally got the sunny day we had been waiting for. I love the Teton range and I was not going to leave this place until I got to see the mountains on a clear day. I think the Tetons are the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen. Are you ready for some pictures? Well this post is all about the pictures.

When I got up I could see the blue sky through the fan in our bedroom. I was excited and was out of bed around 7 AM. That is early for me. We got our stuff together and headed over to the park. I shot this first one just a few miles from the campground.


Then we drove a bit further and I had to stop again and take a few shots.


I was having trouble driving, the mountains had me mesmerized.


We finally got to the park and we went to string lake to go paddling, but the wind had come up so we decided to just go for a few hikes and take pictures.


I really don’t know what else to say. These are the best I could do.


I love the reflection in that one.


We then went to Jenny lake. I took a bunch more from there.


We sat on the edge of the lake and had lunch. How can you beat that?


Looking down the range.


This is how much I love the Tetons:


We then made the drive over to Jackson to go to church. On the drive back to the campground we saw not one, but two moose. I got one decent shot of the two.


It was really an amazing day. I love the fact that we could wait for the weather to clear and see these amazing mountains in all of their splendor. Many Native Americans believe that the mountains have powers. Looking up at those peaks, I seriously felt it. Hard to explain, but it was real to me.

Well, I can now leave this place. What is next? Yellowstone!

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  1. No words needed! Those pictures say it all! I also love the Tetons! I prefer that park over Yellowstone actually. Much, much less people. Those mountains speak to me too, so I know what you mean. They are just magnificent! The hike around Jenny Lake is nice too. We'll be taking some friends there for their first visit next month. They are in for a wonderful treat!